Miami Cyber Security Services

Ensure your IT environment is protected with advanced cyber security in Miami, Florida.

Safeguard Business Critical Data With Cybersecurity in Miami

Prevent sensitive data from being stolen or compromised with a leading Miami cyber security firm.

Why choose JCM Telecom for cyber security in Miami?

  • Maintain the security of your critical data with security solutions that include full-service restoration plans.
  • Identify and eliminate security threats with a top security services company.
  • Ensure your business only pays for the cybersecurity services it needs with four levels of packages.
  • Leverage next-level SaaS services with automated recovery and backups for Gmail, Microsoft 365, and more.
  • Protect every endpoint with 24/7/365 support from our Security Operations Center (SOC) in Miami. with downtime prevention and other IT support and services.

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How Miami Clients Benefit From Our Cyber Security Services

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Elite-Level Cyber Security Solutions in Miami

Proactive Cyber Security Services in Miami

Work with one of the top cybersecurity companies in Miami to keep your business safe from all attacks.

What Makes Us a Leading Miami Cyber Security Company


SLA-guaranteed uptime from our cyber security company


Clients benefit from our cybersecurity services


Endpoints protected by our security solutions

Cyber Security Company Miami

Choose the Miami Cyber Security Services Package That Makes Sense for You

Our cybersecurity in Miami only wants to provide your business with the services it needs – and never charge for superfluous work.

That’s why our cybersecurity service packages are divided up into four levels with affordable monthly fees.

Chose the services that best suit your needs with these options:


  • EPS Antivirus
  • EPS SaaS Protection and Defense


  • Microsoft 365 protection
  • EPS Antivirus
  • EPS SaaS Protection and Defense

Mega (Our Bestseller)

  • VOIP Business Phone Line 
  • Microsoft 365 protection
  • EPS Antivirus
  • EPS SaaS Protection and Defense


  • Voip Business Line 
  • Microsoft 365 protection
  • EPS Antivirus
  • EPS Network Firewall
  • EPS SaaS Protection and Defense

Whether you need help protecting your servers in the age of Big Data or want to train your staff to prevent social engineering – whatever the cyber security need, we have a package that will meet it and save you money. 

Identify and Address Threats With SentinelOne® Antivirus Protection

We understand that your business’s critical data cannot be lost. That’s why, as one of the premier Miami IT security companies, we provide SentinelOne® Antivirus protection that offers:

  • Malicious file quarantining
  • ActiveEDR advanced threat hunting
  • Malware and ransomware detection

Augment your antivirus security with assistance from one of the leading cybersecurity companies in Miami, Florida.

Cyber Security Miami
Cybersecurity Services Miami

Full-Service SaaS Protection From One of the Best Miami Cyber Security Firms

As your cyber security company in Miami, we know that you cannot afford to leave any vulnerabilities in your IT stack that can be exploited. That’s why we offer Datto SaaS protection.

Protect your SaaS operations with advanced security solutions, including:

  • Business risk reduction
  • Simplified, per-license pricing
  • Automated, continuous backups for Sharepoint, Teams, OneDrive, Google Contacts, and more
  • Data recovery while retaining file and folder structure for Google Workspace and Microsoft 365

Secure data and systems in the cloud effectively when you partner with a leading cyber security company in Miami, FL.

Frequently Asked Questions About Our Cyber Security in Miami

As one of the most trusted cybersecurity companies in Miami, we offer protection against both common and uncommon cyber threats, including:

  • Ransomware
  • SaaS attacks
  • Viruses
  • Malware
  • Network infiltration

And more. Have a concern that’s not on our list? Call us for a free consultation to find out more about our services.

Our Miami cyber security services costs vary. The cost will depend on:

  • Business size
  • Complexity of security issues
  • Security solutions deployed

To receive an accurate estimate, discuss your needs with us. We will help right-size your security systems, maximizing value and minimizing spend.

As one of the premier cybersecurity companies in Miami, we solve all your cybersecurity issues – both current ones and potential future problems.

You’ll be able to leverage:

  • Data protection services 
  • Cloud security services
  • SaaS security services 
  • Network security services
  • Antivirus security services
  • Anti-malware and spam protection
  • And more

Get full-spectrum cybersecurity in Miami, FL with JCM Telecom.

Every client has differing cyber security demands. That’s why our Miami cyber security company offers four tailored packages.

Choose from:

  • Nano
  • Micro
  • Mega
  • Giga

That way, you can ensure your protection needs are met without overpaying–that’s the kind of flexibility other Miami IT security companies can’t match.

Businesses That Chose Our Cyber Security Services in Miami